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Regulamentação da Especialidade clínica em Enfermagem Perioperatória



A European Operating Room Nurses Association, alerta a Ordem dos Enfermeiros Portugueses para riscos nos cuidados perioperatórios aos doentes, pelo atraso no processo de regulamentação da especialidade em enfermagem perioperatória, reconhecida em 2015.

Paris, 5th February 2017


Dear Madam,

I am addressing you, as President of EORNA, the European Operating Room Nurses Association, which is a non-profit organization representing 28 member associations from WHO region of Europe.


EORNA exists to enhance and develop perioperative patient care across Europe and beyond. It does so by promoting high standard patient care and perioperative nurses education. It aims to be the voice of perioperative nurse in Europe. EORNA is a link and collaborates with relevant other organizations and promotes safety of patients and staff.


It this context we have supported and followed the accomplished of the recognition of the perioperative nurses in your country, mainly through the recognition of perioperative nurse specialist in 2015, a process lead by AESOP during more than 30 years, even before the constitution of EORNA, in 1992.


It was in fact, a happy moment, in May of 2015, when AESOP joint the EORNA Board in Rome and we, celebrated together the result of the General Assembly of Portuguese Regulator Board – Ordem dos Enfermeiros, held in Lisbon the 7th of May of 2015.


Finally the specialist perioperative nurse was recognized in Portugal!


For EORNA, this achievement results of AESOP leadership and gave to the European perioperative nurses community the hope of being able in building a perioperative educational and development program in all Europe and beyond, promoting education and minimum standard across all member countries and meet current requirements for free circulation of perioperative nurses throughout Europe. Portugal was one of the few European countries without this recognition of a specialist perioperative nursing.


To this days, the specialist perioperative nurse is not still a reality in Portugal and it is difficult to EORNA to understand why this educational and professional development is not in place. The risks for the quality of surgical patient care are higher if non proper educational programs and professional competencies are accomplished.


EORNA is concerned and states that in the face of a situation that is not beneficial for the perioperative nursing professionals, a set of competences of the nurses to perform clinical practice in the perioperative field is not assured, and therefore does not guarantee a global quality and safety care to surgical patients during perioperative process.


EORNA appeals to the Portuguese Nurses Regulation Body (Ordem dos Enfermeiros) the reactivation of the regulation process from the clinical specialty of perioperative nursing. Also, EORNA, once again, regarding the risks of individuals as patients, is warning the professionals and the society, for whom it is urgent to manage this situation, because any delay of this recognition will put all in danger.


We hope in a very short time, to receive from you the best news, conveying the completion of the process, which is already long.


Respectfully yours


May Karam

EORNA President

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